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SKYRC D400 Ultimate Duo 400w AC/DC Charger # SKY100123 **

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Model: SKY100123

SKYRC D400 is a twin-channel charger with two independent circuits which can charge two different kinds of batteries simultaneously. It also supports power distribution in AC/DC mode to get max charging power to shorten charging time. Moreover, it is not only just a charger, but also can supply 150 Watts DC Power on channel 2, users can use it to power DC devices.

What’s more, the synchronization mode is available, in which users could perform synchronous settings for charging same batteries simultaneously to offer time-saving benefits.

Specs  :

Weight 2510g

Input Voltage AC 100-240V/DC 11-18V

Charge Circuit Power 400W

Discharge Circuit Power 36W

Charger Current Range 0.1-20A

Discharge Circuit Power 0.1-5A

Current Drian for Balancing Port Max 500mA/cell

Trickle Charging Current 50mA-300mA & OFFDC

Power Supply Output 6-15V/Max.10A

LiPo/LiFe/Lilon/LiHV Battery Cell Count 1-7S

NiMH/NiCd  Battery Cell Count 1-18S

Pb Battery Voltage2-24V