Proedge Deluxe Knife set 30860

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EAN 085294308605


A complete selection of knives, blades and tools for hobby and craft work.

As any craftsman knows, having the right tool is essential to quality workmanship- and Proedge has the right tool.

The Deluxe Knife and Tool Chest contains a variety of tools a modeler needs to work with model sets all in an attractive wooden box.


K1 Light Duty Knife K2 Medium Duty Knife K5 Heavy Duty Knife

Snap Knife B490 Saw Blade

2 Assorted Routers

B26 Blade

B15 Saw Blade 2 Assorted Gouges 2 Assorted Blades

Mitre Box

Sanding Block & Wedge

Phillips Screwdriver Regular Screwdriver