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Set floats for seaplane 2.5-4.5 kg 889mm Yellow


Please take notice of the color of the floats (yellow or white), the good version is mention above

The last picture with the yellow note on it (model A ... H) is the actual content of the box, Because they were all kin of simular, I just made this picture.

Set floats for seaplane 2.5-4.5 kg NEW

• Length: 35 inch (889 mm)

• Posture (Keel to Keel): 14.5 inches (370 mm)

• Weight with hardware: 653 g

• Intended for model size: .40-.60

• For model weight: 6 - 10 lbs (2727-4545g)

• suitable for Dehaviland DHC-2 and Beaver 1700, among others

• Construction: foam core, finished with Balsa

• Coverage: V-Cote2 3DS with applied graphics and 3D rivets.

• Hardpoints: four plus rear ends

• Upper deck: flat including tapered sides and throat

• Pipes and struts: T6 aluminum

• no water rudder attached

• Supercedes: F32 series

• New in kit (unbuilt)

• Various auxiliary materials

See pictures

Due to dimensions of the package (> 1 mtr) it is not possible to transfer the package outside EUROPE. Sorry....... Suggestions always welcome.....